Home Selling Tips


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It is guaranteed that we are different than any of the other teams out there. Our approach on the home selling process is different and more effective than the rest. We can guarantee you that our top priority is selling your home. We know how to sell a home and sell it as fast as possible. It may be often thought that realtors are uninterested in answering their phones after hours or on the weekends, but that is not the case here. We are here for you and your needs whenever it is most convenient for you. Here we will go the extra distance to make sure your home is our top priority at all times. Give us a call and let us provide you with the best service possible while selling your home fast and getting you the most money possible. We would love to work with you on selling your home and show you our expertise skills in real estate.

What You Will Receive from Us

Real Estate Expertise

We will use our real estate expertise to make sure you have the smallest amount of hassle as possible in the process of selling your home. We will make sure the process is smooth and deal with any potential problems before they ever come about.

Consistent Communication

In the home selling process, your home will be our first priority and you will always come first. You will consistently be informed on the status of your home from the listing to the closing. We will be available to you through many different forms of communication for whatever works best for you.

Most Effective Marketing Plan

Our marketing plan will make sure your home is exposed in the best way to the most buyers as possible. We will market your home while also showing you ways that you can help your home sell by attracting the most buyers.

Best Pricing for Your Home

We will make sure to find the most competitive market price to sell your home at. We will make sure to adjust the price if needed to sell your home as fast as possible with getting you the best deal that you can get from the buyer.

Great Home Staging

Besides finding the best price to sell your home at, we will make sure it is presented in a way to get the best first impression from all buyers. Your home will be presented to attract the highest number of buyers it can.


We guarantee you that you will be our top priority. We will cater to you, meeting and exceeding all of your needs. You will be very satisfied after using us to help you sell your home.

The Process of Selling Your Home

In the home selling process, we are committed to helping you sell your home as fast as possible and for the highest price possible. We have created a step-by-step marketing process to help you prepare to sell your home by giving your home the maximum exposure it can get. You will be communicating with us daily about updates on the status of our efforts, any offers that have been made, showings, and feedback from buyers. By pricing your home at the best appropriate price, we will get you the most money for your home in the shortest amount of time. We will negotiate on your behalf giving you the best offers out there for you to choose from.

Pricing Your Home Correctly

In the home selling process, pricing your home properly is very important. When your home is priced correctly it attracts more buyers, creates more showings, and gets more offers. Pricing is determined by the current market prices, not what sellers paid originally, what they want from the sale of their home, or what a website suggests. If you set the price of your home too low buyers may overlook it thinking there may be something that is wrong with the home. Your home will also will get overlooked if it is priced too low by buyers that have interest in homes that are in a little higher price range.  If you price your home too high you will have low interest from buyers, resulting in fewer showings and offers made and a longer time listed on the market. This looks bad when buyers are looking at your home and it shows a lack of interest. We will use our knowledge of the latest market prices and local listings to make sure your home is priced to where it is most competitive. Also, we will make sure the price is adjusted if needed to help it sell as fast as possible.

Recommended Price of Your Home

Our goal is to sell your home for the most money that we can get you. We will look at all of the details and characteristics of your home and use our real estate expertise to price your home. Some things that will determine price will be the average sales price, recommended list price, and the recommended sales price.

Home Presentation

When selling your home, the way it is presented can change a lot of buyers first impression of it and if they are interested. Making sure that the exterior and interior of your home is at its best is very important in the home selling process.


The first impression of a home starts at the curb. Making sure the landscaping of your home is kept up and clean is very important. You should keep your yard freshly cut constantly and remove any weeds and keep them out. Applying fresh mulch to garden beds and planting flowers can improve on your homes outter image as well. Make sure that any doors and fences are freshly painted or stained. Wash your homes exterior and make sure all windows are cleaned well. You need to also keep any garbage, clutter or anything that isn’t part of the landscaping out of the yard to keep the homes exterior looking as clean and presentable as possible.


After buyers see how nice the exterior of your home looks you need to follow it up with a bright and inviting interior. Make sure all your walls and ceilings are clean and have a fresh coat of paint applied to them. You should choose brighter and more inviting colors to paint on the walls of your home. Also clean the carpets of any stains and scrub the floors of any dirt. This should apply to all rooms of your house including bedrooms and bathrooms. You also need to make sure the little things like baseboards, vents, blinds, fans and light fixtures are clean as well. Make sure any leaks are taken care of, for example plumbing leaks or faucets. Check your closets and cabinets and make sure there is no clutter. Considering finding a temporary self-storage unit to use during this time is a good idea to keep any extra personal belongings out of the house to make the house more presentable.


With our marketing plan, we will make sure your home gets the maximum amount of exposure possible. We will look at current market prices and local price trends to help pick the most competitive price to set your home at. You will be shown how to market your home on multiple websites to attract the highest number of buyers while knowing what attracts them most. We will post your home on multiple websites and social medias getting it the most exposure to potential buyers that it can receive. For sale signs will be placed in the most visible locations to potential drive-by buyers with easy access to fliers that contain details about your property and home. We will steer all buyers that are looking for homes in the price range of your listed home to your property and promote it. Open houses will be scheduled letting buyers see your home helping promote your property. We will respond to any and all buyers interests on your listing immediately.

The Closing Process

The closing process of your home is the last step in the home selling process making the sale of your home official. In this process, the buyer receives the deed and the keys to the home and you get paid. We will handle all of the closing paperwork for you but still keep you informed about the details making sure that you have to least amount of hassle possible. The purchase contract will be looked over and we will identify what payments are owed and to whom they are owed to. Costs like taxes, commissions, and title searches will also be checked to make sure they are paid and taken care of. We will have all of the documents prepared prior to the closing to make sure the closing runs as smooth as possible.

At a closing, the sellers usually take care of the mortgage balance and any prepayment penalties they have. Another common thing that is paid for in the closing is unpaid property taxes and unpaid assessments on your property. The sellers also take care and pay for real estate commission at the closing.